e-Tendering System

With a secure and comprehensive e-Tendering platform,
you can replace error-prone manual process, streamline the whole tendering process and improve efficiency.

Why Tactica e-Tendering ?

A structured, transparent process

Tactica e-Tendering system streamlines the tendering process, allowing easy collaboration with your suppliers. Changes, updates, and questions can all be time-stamped, creating a full audit trail for every action, giving you complete visibility.

More efficient bid evaluation

A single portal is used to manage all tendering information. As a result, instead of using email and individual document printouts to evaluate responses, suppliers can be compared and evaluated more efficiently. Suppliers can also be informed of any modifications or updates to the process collectively and uniformly, ensuring impartial practices.

Achieved cost savings

With streamlined and structured automated processes, it reduces manual overhead from negotiations and paper involved, generating significant savings compared to the manual process.

Tender creation in minutes

Create tender in a matter of minutes without the need of “screens navigation”. Follow a logical step-by-step guidance to input tender information. You can also clone from previous tenders.

Tactica eTender solution

Support 1 or 2-envelop tender

Suppliers submit technical proposals and financial proposals separately with bidding prices entered online.
Bidding prices and technical proposals are to be opened by different group of authorized people. Internal end users (Technical viewers or scorers) can only read the technical proposals and do the scoring without the right to see the prices. With user-definable price-to-technical weighting (e.g. 60:40), the system calculates the combined scores of the suppliers and their ranks and generates summary report in a click.

Tactica e-Tender solution

Suppliers/Buyers Collaboration

Buyers and suppliers collaborate through Message Center. Buyers can choose to reply to all or specific supplier. Supplier will only see himself in the message recipient list. Copies of all email messages specific to the RFQ are kept in the repository forever for easy retrieval, providing a complete log of RFQ correspondence.

Tactica e-Tender solution

Addendum and Tender Clarifications  

Buyer can issue addendum during the tender period. After it is closed, buyers can raise clarification questions.  It allows multiple questions and sending questions to selected suppliers only. Questions can have a deadline and can be classified as price related so that only authorized personnel can access the suppliers responses accordingly.

Tactica e-Tender solution

Evaluate suppliers and compare based on weighted score, not just price!

Price may not be the only criteria especially for indirect spend. Set up the price to technical score ratio and you will get the ranking for each supplier based on their  weighted score. 

Tactica e-Tender solution

Award approval

Embedded with a configurable approval flow engine, award request generated will be automatically routed to the relevant authorized personnel for approval based on multiple conditions such as award amount and department. Now, you have a tight control of what you award.

Tactica eTender solution

Comprehensive Reports in One Click

Your precious time should be spent on more critical or strategic activities instead of doing tedious Excel chores. A set of predefined reports is at your finger tips. No more error prone copy-and-paste or lengthy working hours burying yourselves in spreadsheets reports.

Tactica eTender solution

Configurable management dashboard

You can configure the dashboard to show a high level summary such as  the number of RFQ/tenders, purchase amount and savings per buyer or sourcing category in a defined period of time. 

Tactica eTender solution

e-Tendering Benefits

With the automation of repetitive tasks, Tactica e-Tendering System improves significantly on the tender process efficiency. Less time and paper involved translates into significant savings compared to the manual process. Tactica e-Tendering System customers have reported the time-to-procure cycle has been shortened by as much as 60%.

Tenderers’ responses can all be managed through one single portal. Moreover, Tactica e-Tender System supports different tender formats and bid worksheet templates for different tendering requirements. Current excel pricing templates can be reused and embedded in tenders created in Tactica e-Tender System which can automate the documents collection, bid analysis, compilation and consolidation process for the Buyers. Bidding prices can be automatically summarized and compared in Excel format for easy evaluation. Therefore, suppliers can be compared and evaluated here rather than email and individual document print outs to user departments for evaluation and recommendation. Efficiency is greatly enhanced.

All the documents are encrypted and accessible only by authorized persons in a certain time period, significantly enhancing document control than before. Tactica
e-Tendering System provides a highly secure environment which prevents the whole tender process integrity from being compromised, thus avoiding potential unfair competition. organization can have an overview and control on the whole tender process. Changes, updates and questions can all be time-stamped too, creating a full audit trail for every action, giving you complete visibility. With the built-in Message Center, buyers can collaborate with internal end users for tender preparation, or with suppliers for Q&A, tender amendment or change notifications, etc. Suppliers can also be notified of changes or updates to the process through Tactica e-Tendering System collectively and in a standardized manner, ensuring minimal bias takes place. All the correspondence is kept in Tactica e-Tendering System specific to the tender.

Supplier information collected through Tactica e-Tendering System can be used to update organization’s supplier databases. Tactica e-Tendering System also provides organization with useful management information such as the breakdown of product categories being sourced, the value of spend under contract and the business awarded to suppliers. Tactica e-Tendering System provides a configurable dashboard and report generator showing the statistics of the e-Tendering System usage based on the buyer, suppliers and tenders, etc.

Tactica e-Tendering System provides a central data repository for all sourcing information and all suppliers’ interactions throughout the sourcing cycle. Thus, it helps enhance the expertise and competency of sourcing professionals in your organization.
We built our e-Tendering platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) , the most secure global infrastructure in the world providing superior data security and high availability.

 Tactica e-Tendering system has streamlined our tender process while increasing the efficiency by 50%. My team can now totally rely on the system to drive sophisticated tender projects. 
Finance Director of a renowned telecom services provider

Want to know more?

e-Tendering system is a web-based system that establishes seamless communication between buyers and suppliers throughout the tendering process. It helps deliver effective sourcing strategies, which results in better buying outcomes.

Less geographical constraints
Suppliers can simply examine tenders without regard to location.

Less time and money spent on contract hunting
Suppliers would find it easier to obtain tender documentation, enabling for the submission of proposals in a more timely way than old fashion approaches

Faster completion time
Suppliers are guided to complete the tender online, reducing communication traffic with the buyer, allowing the tender response to be completed more quickly.

Peace of mind
By providing fast distribution and real-time feedback on the procurement's progress, e-Tendering gives supplier a peace of mind by eliminating any fears or mishaps over the buyer's receipt of documents before the deadline

TACTICA built our e-Tendering platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) , the most secure global infrastructure in the world providing superior data security and high availability.

Tactica e-Tendering System is cloud based and thus you do not need to invest in any of the hardware while enjoying the power of all the high-end enterprise grade system hardware provided by AWS.

Tactica e-Tendering System is architected with high availability in mind, because our enterprise customers are running critical business processes on this platform. Highly available systems are reliable in the sense that they continue operating even when critical components fail. They are also resilient, meaning that they are able to gracefully handle failure without service disruption or data loss, and seamlessly recover from such failure. 

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