Strategic e-Sourcing

Find the right suppliers at the right price
Streamline your sourcing process and achieve total best value

Why Tactica e-Sourcing?

Total visibility of your sourcing process

With a structure and streamlined process, you can monitor all your RFQs in one place, resulting in greater visibility and measurable savings.

Shorten sourcing cycles

Automate your time consuming and error prone sourcing activities by comparing and ranking suppliers on qualitative and quantitative measures, improving process, compliance and efficiency.

Make Total Best Value sourcing decisions resulting quick ROI

Accelerate and achieve savings of 5-25% on average through our well-known and proven online reverse auction events.

One platform for all your sourcing needs

Sealed Bid

Pricing and technical proposals can be opened in a single-step or two-step process,  maintaining an unbiased, auditable and transparent evaluation and award process. 

Reverse Auction

Let the supplier competition drive down the bidding prices to secure savings for your organization.


Create and publish RFQs with a few keystrokes speeding up the sourcing process 


With the built-in Message Center, you can collaborate with suppliers and keep a repository of all the correspondence stored specific to each RFQ for easy retrieval

Supplier Evaluation

Evaluate suppliers on total cost of ownership by including additional factors such as duties, switching costs, shipping cost, payment terms and product/service quality as part of the real-time supplier bid calculation.


No more math errors resulting from working with spreadsheets. You can quickly evaluate alternative, multiple award scenarios to one or more suppliers.

Today’s Challenges

  • How and why does my buyer select this supplier? I don’t have visibility of the sourcing process.
  • How to negotiate with more suppliers with my current limited manpower?
  • How to maintain the sourcing process integrity?
  • How to control and reduce my procurement cost?
  • Does this supplier provide me the Total Best Value?
Tactica eSourcing solution

Monitor and Control the whole RFQ Process

Management can monitor all RFQs and control every step in the process:
- How many suppliers were compared? Why and how this supplier was selected? How much savings? Who have been awarded how much business?
- Complete audit trail for all RFQs

Tactica eSourcing solution

eSourcing made easier than you think

RFQ creation in minutes

Create RFQ or reverse auction event in a matter of minutes without the need of “screens navigation”. Follow a logical step-by-step guidance to input RFQ information. You can also clone from old RFQs.

Tactica eSourcing solution

View all bid prices in one place

In the control center, all the bidding prices are shown with the rank of each supplier. Just click a button to generate the bid summary report. Hurray! No more copy and paste!

Tactica eSourcing solution

Suppliers/Buyers Collaboration

Buyers and suppliers collaborate through Message Centre. Buyers can choose to reply to all or specific supplier. Supplier will only see himself in the message recipient list. Copies of all email messages specific to the RFQ are kept in the repository for easy retrieval, providing a complete log of RFQ correspondence.

Tactica eSourcing solution

Evaluate suppliers and compare based on weighted score, not just price!

Price may not be the only criteria especially for indirect spend. Set up the price to technical core ratio and you will get the weighted score for each supplier. 

Tactica eSourcing solution

Reverse auction drives 5-25% savings

Suppliers are required to submit prices within the bidding period and their rank is shown in real time. Supplier keeps reducing their prices to fight for a better rank. 

Tactica eSourcing solution

Comprehensive Reports in One Click

Your precious time should be spend on more critical or strategic activities instead of doing tedious Excel chores . A set of predefined reports is at your finger tips. No more copy and paste or lengthy working hours to burying yourselves in spreadsheets reports.

Tactica eSourcing solution

Configurable management dashboard

You can configure the dashboard to show a high level summary such as  the number of RFQ, purchase amount and savings per buyer or sourcing category in a defined period of time. 

Tactica eSourcing solution

  TACTICA has been helping customers implement more than 100,000 RFQs, with total purchase amount more than USD 3 Billion. Bidding items cover more than 1000 different direct spend and indirect spend categories.

Reverse Auction drives down prices

Suppliers need to submit prices within the bidding period with their rank information shown in real time. 
Supplier can only reduce their prices to compete for better rank till the bidding event closes. Significant savings can be generated within an hour!

Direct Spend Case Studies

Indirect Spend Case Studies

Canteen and Shop Floor Extension

Saved around RMB 840,000, around 12% 

Product Promotion Video Shooting Project

Saved around RMB 22,000, around 8%    

Advertorial Publishing Services

Save RMB 112,000 (21%) 

Advertising Vehicle Services

Saved RMB 123,000 (19%)    

Office Building Air-conditioning System Installation

Saved RMB 90,000 (25% off original quote)    

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for India Office

Saved INR 590,000, 10% cheaper than the current supplier    

Website Enhancement Project

Saved RMB 27,500 (around 11%)    

Soft Dink Company Premium - Fans Scarfs

Saved USD 41,250 (around 21%)

We are very delighted as Tactica e-Sourcing system has helped us save more than USD 60 Million for the past ten years. We achieved an average savings of around 19% in our sourcing projects. 
Procurement Director of an international home products manufacturer

Want to know more?

e-Sourcing is a web-based system to collect and compare information about several suppliers in order to help the buyer select a supplier that can provide the total best value. As a result, it saves time for procurement professionals by doing away with manual tasks and increases the visibility of data gathered throughout the sourcing process.

Although sourcing is only one step in the entire procurement process, it is a crucial one that entails inviting potential suppliers to a sourcing event, gathering vendor data, managing an e-Auction and a sourcing event, analyzing and evaluating responses, and awarding contracts.

e-Sourcing system eliminate the need of labor-intensive, time-consuming and error prone tasks of sourcing. It allows you to build and run simple to complex sourcing events using predefined RFX templates.

e-Sourcing system can even help you rank and score suppliers based on their responses to speed up the selection process.

1. Achieve a 10%-25% reduction in goods and services costs on average
2. Provide high degree of transparency on the sourcing process with complete audit trail capability
3. Achieve the Total Best Value in making sourcing decisions, not just on price
4. Reduction in sourcing cycle time by as much as 60% through streamlined, structured process
5. Collaborate with suppliers and internal stakeholders on sourcing project to achieve unbiased decision during suppliers evaluation
6. Accumulating and sharing of sourcing knowledge by having a central data repository for all sourcing information. Thus, enhancing expertise and competency of sourcing professionals in the enterprise
7. Multiple ROI in weeks, not months or years

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