Supplier Management

Manage your supplier information, performance, and risk in a single platform.
Gives you a 360-degree view of all supplier-related data in one place.

Why Tactica Supplier Management?

Save time

Invite suppliers to upload and maintain their company details as part of the supplier onboarding process.

Reduce risk

The supplier portal keeps key details and regulatory information, ensuring your master data remains updated and compliant.

Improve supplier visibility

Our integrated supplier portal provides complete visibility to all spend transactions with your supplier, such as receiving and confirming PO, invoicing and payment etc.

Easy supplier onboarding

Reduce the amount of time it takes to onboard new suppliers.  Delegate responsibility to your suppliers to complete and update at your supplier portal, freeing administrative staff from manual records maintenance.

Tactica Supplier Management

Comprehensive supplier evaluation

Supplier performance survey capabilities empowers you to track supplier performance, eliminating the time-consuming work of collecting feedback manually. Manage the supplier review processes online and rate the suppliers using key performance metrics like policy compliance, delivery quality, timeliness, and more to generate score card.

Tactica Supplier Management

Effective collaboration with suppliers

Integrated email messaging function allows you to communicate with all of your suppliers effectively. Copies of all email messages are kept in the repository for easy retrieval, providing a complete log of correspondence.

Tactica Supplier Management

Supplier Management Dashboard

Never miss a supplier onboard approval or supplier performance evaluation with our concise supplier management dashboard.

Tactica Supplier Management

Comprehensive Reports in One Click

Your precious time should be spend on more critical or strategic activities instead of doing tedious Excel chores. A set of predefined reports is at your finger tips. No more copy and paste or lengthy working hours to burying yourselves in spreadsheets reports.

Tactica Supplier Management

Integrated with e-Procurement module

When integrated with eProcurement module, buyer can send PO through the supplier portal where the suppliers can receive and confirm/reject POs. Suppliers can flip POs into invoices and send invoices electronically or using PDF. Buyers can update invoice status and payment information.

Tactica Supplier Management

Ready for next level supplier management?