Contract Management

Gain control over your contract management process by automating and expediting the entire contract lifecycle from beginning to end.

One platform to manage all your contracts effortlessly

Centralize contract data

No more digging in file cabinets. All the important contract information is centralized in a single place for easy searching and accessing anywhere and anytime.

User defined access control

Contract documents are only accessible by authorized members of the team who are involved in managing the engagement.

Never miss a deadline

Auto alerts & reminder in advance of renewal dates help you keep track of contract timelines, so that you can re-negotiate and renew them on time.


With the built-in Message Center, you can collaborate with team members on the contracts management and keep a repository of all the correspondence stored specific to contract  for easy retrieval

Intelligent Approval Flow

Tactica rules-based approval workflows and routing simplify the control of contracts, data, and supporting documentation, gaining full visibility to increase contract compliance.

Sourcing and Procurement  Integration

Integrates seamlessly with other Tactica solutions to create an effortless experience for the end user.

Act now to gain visibility and control of all your contracts