Procure-to-Pay Solution

Improve efficiency and spend control from purchase requisition, purchase order to payment

Why Tactica eProcurement?

Total, organization-wide spend control

Reduce maverick spending using our online procurement tool. Enable seamless buying on negotiated contracts, and see your savings skyrocket with procurement automation

Make spending easier

Automate purchase approvals and generate purchase orders  that track against budgets and ensure company policy compliance.

Track all spend, simplify auditing and boost compliance

See exactly where your spend is going with easy-to-access dashboards, helping you stay on top of all buying activities within our online procurement platform

An all-in-one procurement platform enables you to manage

Purchase Requisition

Create, review, manage and approve your purchase requests with complete transparency

Purchase Order

Generate and issue POs automatically from approved purchase requests 


Keep track of what has been received and rejected for confirmed POs


Boost efficiency,
optimize cost and gain control over invoicing. 


Digitize contractual agreements and access them anywhere, anytime. Avoid costly unwanted renewals, and ensure that terms and conditions are adhered to with an online contracts repository.


Generate actionable and data-driven insights from your purchasing-related data

When choosing a procurement system
that will be utilized by numerous buyers
and suppliers, it is crucial to prioritize the
ease of use, transparency, and intuitiveness.

Make purchasing as easy as shopping

Search for the products from the catalog and add them to your purchase request. The system will automatically route your request to the assigned approvers based on predefined rules such as department and purchase amount.

Tactica eProcurement solution

Route approvals to the right people automatically

Our powerful rule-based approval engine allows easy and flexible set up of approval flows and permissions to ensure the right people approve requisitions and purchases. We even support up to 2 levels of approval flows to fit your company policy. No more back and forth emails!

Tactica eProcurement solution

Budget control at your finger tips

Based on the budget settings, the system will warn or reject the requisitions and purchases if the purchase amount is over the available budget. We support different budget codes for different items in a single requisition and purchase to give you maximum flexibility.

Tactica eProcurement solution

Save your time by reducing manual processes

You no longer need to send paper or email soft copy POs to your suppliers. You can simply click a button and the system will send the PO for you. You can also choose to automatically send out the PO once it has been fully approved. 

Tactica eProcurement solution

Track what you receive and return

When receiving good or services, you can record what is being received and returned and the total outstanding items will be shown for easy tracking . You can even apply approval flow to avoid careless human mistakes during the receiving process.

Tactica eProcurement solution

Invoice processing is now hassle free

Suppliers can choose to send invoices in the conventional way or use our e-Invoice function. Connecting to the PO and receipt, the 3-way matching reduces waste, eliminates fraud, ensures audit preparedness, and saves you time.

Tactica eProcurement solution

Full visibility of spend

Configurable dashboards gives you detailed data. You can fully understand your spending by drilling down into individual transaction details or reviewing an entire spending category.

Tactica eProcurement solution

Simplify Supplier Management

Invite your suppliers to register through the supplier portal to enter and maintain their own data and certifications, reducing your supplier management workload by up to 65%.
Tracking and accessing supplier performance in one centralized location helps expedite the decision-making process. Use the scorecard function to bring your procurement to next level.

Tactica eProcurement solution

Visibility and control of all your contracts 

With our cloud-based contract automation module, you can digitalize contracts and access them anywhere any time. You can prevent expensive unnecessary renewals and guarantee that the terms and conditions are followed.

Tactica eProcurement solution
By using Tactica eProcurement solution, we can now have a total control of the spend and a high visibility on the budget consumption.
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Want to know more?

eProcurement is a term used to describe a digital B2B business process that streamlines and centralizes company activities like the acquisition of goods and services in order to cut costs and enhance purchasing procedures. By automating conventional procurement processes, eProcurement software eliminates paper-based operations and aids in the analysis of spend for tactical cost-saving activities between finance and procurement.

With Tactica eProcurement solution, procurement managers can streamline and automate these policies along with supplier contracts and relationships in one system. In addition, employees can review all catalogs and select the items they need in one central digital hub, rather than going through a lengthy manual process.

Users of the eProcurement software can manage purchases based on permissions set by an administrator, allowing procurement professionals to more accurately manage the delegation of responsibilities. All supplier contracts can be stored in your procurement platform along with supplier contact information and payment terms, making it easier to manage relationships.

A procurement software system is essential for any company that wants to keep an eye on cost efficiency and control.

Selecting and implementing an eProcurement solution is the first step in implementing eProcurement within your organization. It's crucial to consider the needs of all pertinent stakeholders when you do start looking for the ideal eProcurement solution. To do that, one must comprehend how various teams will use it and where it can be of assistance.

eProcurement does away with the need for paper-based procedures, and thanks to its automated features, it significantly reduces—and in some cases completely eliminates—manual procedures and the errors that go along with them.

Employees are able to browse online catalogs and choose the items they want to purchase and the whole process is very similar to online shopping, which everybody enjoys.

An electronic approval of the purchase requisition by the user, if authorized, is the first step in the e-procurement process. By utilizing role based approval workflows, eProcurement solutions like Tactica enable your users to receive what they want to purchase quickly. Automatic routing of approvals and notifications speed up the process without back and forth emails. As soon as the PR and PO are approved, the PO is automatically issued to the supplier.

Once the product or service is received, it is marked in the system as "received" . The receipts will record what has been received and returned, along with the total outstanding items which prevent under or over receiving of the goods or services. Then, supplier can send electronic invoice through the system and 3-way matching will be performed to avoid payment mistakes.

Digitizing your processes eliminates many manual steps, speeding up your workflow and reducing careless errors. Digitization itself can reduce processing costs in a company by up to 70%. But savings are not the only thing that e-procurement solutions offer.

When a company truly adopts an e-procurement solution and achieves 100% user adoption, purchasing compliance increases tenfold, more spend is brought under control, and goods and services can be negotiated at better prices with strategic suppliers. In addition, e-procurement:

Optimize spend by reducing imprudent purchases

Leverage price discounts by bundling orders and buying in volume

Increase overall transaction speed

Standardization of the shopping experience

Negotiate more favourable contracts with strategic suppliers

Strengthening supplier relationships

Hedging against supply chain risks and disruptions

Facilitating routine tasks so procurement teams can focus on strategic initiatives

Minimizing fraudulent purchases

Want to modernize your procurement?