What keeps a Purchasing Director awake at night?
We have helped them save millions.

Management can monitor and control the whole sourcing process, why and how the suppliers are selected.


TACTICA is a leading e-Sourcing and e-Procurement solution provider in Asia.  For the past 14 years, we are proud to have some Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies as our long term clients.  TACTICA proven online sourcing solution helps enterprises achieve 10 - 25% cost reduction in purchasing materials, parts and services.  We have successfully implemented more than 100,000 sourcing projects with 190,000+ qualified suppliers.

SAVE 10 - 25% Procurement Costs


​​​​​​​Reduce up to 60% sourcing and negotiation time, significantly increase productivity.


On average save 10-25% procurement cost, directly increasing companies' competitiveness.

Can be implemented in days instead of months and generate great ROI within weeks. 


Discover qualified suppliers, 

speed up your sourcing cycles, and create the most competitive, 

 best-value contracts.


TACTICA has been helping customers implement more than 100,000 bidding projects, with total purchase amount more than USD 3 Billion. Bidding items cover more than 1000 different direct spend and indirect spend categories. Let's see some of the case studies.

Direct Spends

Indirect Spends

Source direct and indirect materials on a single integrated platform.

More examples

Success Stories


Many RFQs to manage with some strategic projects with cost pressure.


Experience in Asia markets and platform flexibility. Single platform for all sourcing categories.


12.5% saving on annual total spend.

How TACTICA help me save 10 - 25% on my annual spend?
Looking for a simple to use and easy to deploy ePorcurement system?