TacticSource online sourcing solution, enables sourcing organizations to accelerate and improve negotiated savings through strategic sourcing strategies such as online reverse auctions.

It is extremely easy to use, 100% web-based platform that increases the efficiency of sourcing professionals so they can deliver savings in more sourcing projects. 

By leveraging the power of online reverse auction, you are able to achieve significant cost savings in the procurement of both direct and indirect spend.

The bid graph shows the suppliers reduce their bidding prices in order to compete for your business. Want to see a quick tour of TacticSource?

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Sourcing platform that turns spending into savings​


            1.  Achieve a 10%-25% reduction in goods and services costs on average
            2.  Provide high degree of transparency on the sourcing process with complete audit trail capability
            3.  Achieve the Best Total Value in making sourcing decisions, not just on price
            4.  Reduction in sourcing cycle time by as much as 60% through streamlined, structured process
            5. Collaborate with suppliers and internal stakeholders on sourcing project to achieve unbiased decision during suppliers evaluation
            6.  Accumulating and sharing of sourcing knowledge by having a central data repository for all sourcing information. Thus, enhancing expertise and competency of sourcing professionals in the enterprise
            7. Multiple ROI in weeks, not months or years

Competition = Dollar Saving

Optimize cost, manage risk, and make sure the savings you negotiate are fully realized

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