Tactica’s Customer Success Center (CSC) provides cost-effective, phone-based access to Tactica’s sourcing experts and proven best practices. 

CSC support includes
        • Sourcing project planning
        • RFX setup
        • Price negotiation strategies
        • Auction tactics
        • Lotting strategy
        • Auction management
        • Auction exception handling
        • Questionnaire development
        • Supplier enablement
        • Supplier training
        • Award optimization strategies
        • Key performance indicator (KPI) development
        • Supplier discovery

If you have any questions regarding your sourcing project – from lotting strategies and auction tactics, to supplier registration and strategies, we will share our recommendations, best-practices, methodologies and experiences with you. 

Tactica CSC is built with a simple goal – to help customers ensure success, sustain value, and drive continuous improvements.

TACTICA’s goal is to empower your organization with a combination of extremely intuitive technology and the rapid transfer of knowledge from our staff of purchasing professionals to your buyers.  

Tactica provides one-day Buyer training session on e-Sourcing application at a location to be agreed. Training class size is up to twenty (20) users of the e-Sourcing application. Training topics include:

        • Strategic Sourcing Overview
        • Sourcing Analysis
        • Basic Tool Training
        • Auction Tactics
        • Advanced Tool Training
        • Mock Auction
        • RFI/RFQ/Auction Process & Roles
        • How to do Supplier Training
        • Sourcing Project Best Practices
        • Award Analysis
Strategic Sourcing Services


Customers can buy "Managed Sourcing Services" on project by project basis, or at a discounted rate in bundles of 10 events.

If your company have another e-sourcing platform,we can also provide you with strategic bidding management services on this basis.

Strategic Sourcing Services

If you are new to online bidding, or with limited in-house procurement resources, you can take advantage of Tactica’s managed sourcing service offering to maximize cost savings and minimize risks. Our local expert consultants will work with you and your team to run an online bidding event that guarantees the best possible outcome.

Event day management

During the live bidding date, Tactica manages the whole Live Event by providing proactive supplier technical support (both outbound & inbound calls), supplier surrogate bidding for all suppliers, proactive event management (pause, re-open, manually extend event, etc. based on supplier issues).

Post-bid collection

Tactica will obtain final cost-breakdown sheets from suppliers, identifying any discrepancies with suppliers' final online bids and obtaining corrected information from suppliers, as needed.

Supplier discovery

If needed, Tactica program manager will coordinate with our local Asia supplier discovery team to identify new potential suppliers. If necessary, a RFI will be created that will effectively qualify new suppliers to advance to the next step of the sourcing process and clarify supplier capability to provide each item specified. This might also include collection of additional market information, preliminary supplier pricing and capabilities, creative pricing options from suppliers, verification of the level of competition for this spend and enabling the creation of an effective sourcing strategy.

Spend analysis

Tactica works with Customer to identify the best potential spend categories for online bidding by conducting structured and objective assessment.

RFQ development

Tactica will start developing Requests for Quotation (RFQs) with an objective to achieve Total Best Value. Tactica reviews Customer requirements and identifies any additional improvements.  This includes developing clear written requirements for all price and non-price decision factors. It also includes helping the Customer to aggregate usage and specification data from multiple locations and organizations. Tactica also ensure that all Customer requirements have sufficient definition and supporting documentation to ensure common understanding by all participating suppliers.

Lotting and bidding strategies

Auction strategy is all about maximizing the effect of competition. Tactica works with Customer to cleverly structure bidding lots of the same spend to see which best drives the competitive spiral, achieving the maximum savings.  Based on past experience and best practices, Tactica will formulate the optimal bidding strategy and set up the bidding parameters to achieve maximum competition. If needed, internal practice event might be conducted to make any necessary adjustments to online bid strategy.

Supplier management

Tactica registers suppliers in the e-Sourcing platform, presents the benefits of online bidding to suppliers, and reviews the RFQs with suppliers. Tactica works with Customer to ensure that suppliers clearly understand the scope of each project through Communication Centre function provided by the platform. All the email correspondence, questions from suppliers and answers from buyers, attachment files and suppliers’ comments etc specific to the RFQ are all kept in the platform for future reference.

Supplier training and practice event

Tactica conducts Supplier Practice Auction to ensure all suppliers have received adequate software training to participate on bid day.

Pre-bid analysis

Tactica will collect and analyze pre-bids from suppliers. This is to check whether the suppliers have misunderstood the item requirements. Moreover, it will help Tactica program manager to determine the optimal bidding and lotting strategy to maximize competition.

Management report

An event summary report with the whole project details including RFQ details, supplier information, bidding data and bidding history, bidding graph, all correspondence between buyers and suppliers, post-bid pricing breakdown etc will be sent to Customer after the event, simplifying award decisions. Tactica program manager will record all the lessons learnt so that Customer would improve in developing future RFQs.