Tactica has expanded its international capability and reach with completion of a new Partnering Agreement with three Sourcing and Procurement Services companies. - 'Adjust', headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; ‘source:net GmbH/Sourcing on Demand’, headquartered in Munich, Germany; and “Paladin”, headquartered in Atlanta, U.S.A.

The new organization will be called the Global Sourcing Alliance (GSA).

Each member of the Global Sourcing Alliance will continue to market and sell Sourcing and Procurement Services in their respective markets under their current company names and brands. In addition, the members will collaborate and partner with other members of the Alliance to deliver services to multinational clients in Europe, the US, and Asia, especially China. 

This new agreement expands Tactica’s reach into America and Europe and provides new access to potential Chinese companies.

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