1. What can Buyer Admin do?

The Administrator account has more functions than the general buyer account, which are management functions used to manage the system. The main functions are as follows:

1. The Administrator account can manage all user accounts, including inviting new account to register, removing account and disabling account. When there is a need to add a new user, click the blue button "Add User" in the upper right corner to send registration invitation; if the colleague has left, you can permanently close the account.

2. Manage your company information
You can update your company information here in the "General info" section. It is important to keep the company record up-to-date.

3. Manage the RFX templates
Two lists of standard RFX templates and RFX samples are included on the RFX Templates page. The standard RFX templates are for buyers to choose when creating a project. The second list is a sample of RFXs. If you have already created the sample RFXs, place the RFX numbers here and the buyer can select the corresponding sample to copy when creating the RFX.

4. Classifications
Classify RFXs and add bidder invitation guidelines.

The procurement project may include many categories, such as Asia-Pacific, Europe and America by region, or direct spend, indirect spend by items. When the RFXs are classified, the report generatedwe can give us a better understanding of the distribution of expenses.

Adding the bidder invitation criteria can prevent buyers from inviting inappropriate or unqualified suppliers to participate in the RFXs.

5. Customize "Instant Message".
Save some commonly used text message here, then you can use it directly in the Instant Message in the RFX.

6. Default settings.
In the default settings, you can choose to enable some additional features, such as whether to enable the Blind Sealed Bid feature, whether the bidder is required to upload attachments before the bid, and so on.

Blind Seal Bid - If checked, the default bid type is Blind Sealed Bid when creating a sealed Bid, which can also be changed when creating a RFX.
Bidders must attach Pre-bid document before submit bids  - If checked, by default the bidder is required to upload the attachment before bidding. This can also be changed when the RFX is created.
Power Bid - The Power Bid function means that during the reverse auction, the supplier can set a discount percentage. By clicking the calculation button, the next bid amount will be calculated based on the discount percentage. The bidder can then click submit without the need to manually input the new bidding price. If this function is checked, this feature is enabled for all bidders.
Practice Event - In order to avoid errors when running an important sourcing project, we recommend the buyer to arrange a practice event for the supplier to familiarize the platform operation. When the Practice Event function is enabled,  an empty practice RFX will be created automatically when creating the official RFX. The practice RFX is associated with the official RFX. After configuring the official RFX, click “Copy to practice RFX”, then the content of the official RFX except timing and attachments is copied to the practice RFX and thus saving buyers time.
Sealed Bid (Formula Bidding) - If checked, the buyer can select the Formula Bidding template when creating a RFX.
Sealed Bid (Mega-Items) - If checked, the buyer can select Mega-Items Sealed Bid template when creating a RFX.
Sealed Bid (Multivariable) - If checked, the buyer can select Multivariable Sealed Bid template when creating a RFX.
Reverse Auction (Scoring) - If checked, the buyer can select Scoring Auction template when creating a RFX.
Auto-populate Ref. Price - If the item has no historical price or reference price, the system automatically uses the bidder's first bid as the reference price to calculate the savings.
Disable Bid Visibility - if launched, the reverse auction created by the buyer user will be default to show Rank only and cannot be changed.
Disable Functions in Control Center - If checked, the buyer user cannot use the Reopen, Proxy Bid, Delete Bid functions. Only the Administrator can use these functions.

7. Report Currency
There is a reporting feature in the TACTICA platform for all RFXs of all the users. You can choose to display in various currencies when generating reports. This is where you can set the exchange rates




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