5. How to register a Supplier Account?

In TACTICA eSourcing platform, bidder must have a registered account to participate in RFX. TACTICA eSourcing platform provides the following 3 ways to invite bidders to register:

  • The first type invites the bidder to register in the RFX. In the newly created RFX, if the bidder has not registered an account in the platform, you can select the “Invite Bidder Registration” on the Inviting Bidders page and filliin the relevant information. The bidder will then receive a pre-registration email. Bidder can complete the registration according to the email's instruction. Bidders who are invited to register will be added directly to the RFX. When the RFX is published, the bidder will receive a bid invitation letter.

  • The second type - Invite new bidders to register on the Bidder Management page. Before the project is started, the bidder can be invited to register the account in the platform in advance. The bidder will not be able to see any RFXs after completing the registration. Only when the buyer invites the bidder in the RFX, the bidder will then be able to see the RFX.

  • The third type - there is a function of RFXByExcel to create RFXs in the platform. The bidder information can be added in the downloaded form. If the bidder has not registered, the system will automatically create an account and send the login credentials to the bidder.

  1. Under normal circumstances, suppliers are free to participate in any RFXs, unless the buyer company participates in "Zero investment, zero risk" service plan.
  2. If you have another system that stores contact information for your supplier, you can export it via MS Excel and import it into TACTICA platform in one shot. If you need help, please contact us.


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