2. What is Viewer Account and what is it used for?

Who needs a Viewer account?

For regular subscription customers, the company's internal user such as the end user who purchases the product, can use the Viewer's account to check whether the RFX set by the buyer meets their requirements with accurate relevant attachments and descriptions. The purchasing supervisor can also use the Viewer's account to check the configuration of important project and follow up, etc.

For outsourced projects, the buyer uses the Viewer's account to check and confirm that the TACTICA Customer Success Center has helped set the correct RFX.

What can a Viewer account do?

Although the Viewer account cannot create RFXs, there are still many features available:
  1. Check the RFX to confirm the purchase requirements;
  2. Submit Purchase Request - Viewers can submit purchase requests in the system;
  3. Approve Purchase Request;
  4. Book RFX project support appointment;
  5. Scoring the survey.
There are two main differences between the Viewer account and the Buyer account. First, the Viewer account cannot publish RFXs, and secondly, the Viewer can only see the RFX content if he is invited to that RFX.

How to create a Viewer account

There is a user management page in the system Administration page. Click the “+Add” button on the far right side of the Manage Viewer Accounts section and input relevant information. The system will then send a registration invitation email to the added viewer. The Viewer needs to complete the registration according to the instruction of the email.


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