3. Pipeline tracking and management

Using the Sourcing Pipeline function, administrator can assign buyers purchase or spend task with completion deadline. Administrator can also use this feature to track ongoing purchases.

The Sourcing Pipeline function has three uses:

1. Specify who is responsible for which purchase items or spend. For example, for simple daily purchases, the purchasing supervisor can know every purchase item that the buyer is following so that he can understand the progress of the project and assign tasks.

2. What is the cumulative amount of expenses? For big purchases, there is usually a total budget. Using the Sourcing Pipeline to track purchases, you can have better understanding of the progress of the procurement plan.

3. Remind responsible buyers at a specified time to manage purchases that require re-negotiation. For example, let's say the company's cleaning service is outsourced to the cleaning company and the contract is usually signed for two years. The administrator can set a reminder one month before the contract expires.


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