4. Report and analysis

TACTICA provides a wide range of report content that allows you to quickly understand the team's total purchases, types of purchases and more. This is a very useful analysis for senior management.

Note: Only administrators have permission to generate reports.

TACTICA's reports mainly include two types - 1. Standard reports 2. Customized reports.

Standard Reports

The standard reports have been divided into 9 categories based on the content. You can click the “Report” button in the lower right corner to generate a report with one click.

Standard reports include:
  1. RFX List
  2. Savings by RFXs
  3. Active RFXs
  4. Bidders in a RFX
  5. RFX Details
  6. Award list
  7. Bidders Participation
  8. Project list
  9. Sourcing Pipeline

Customized Reports

If the standard report does not meet your requirements, you can also customize the report to suit your needs. In custom reports, you can choose the currency and duration of the report. As long as there is data recorded in the RFX, you can choose to export and arrange the report contents in the order you choose.


If you need to provide meaningful reporting for annual planning and purchasing analysis, you must set up the Classification correctly on the Administration page to meet your needs. Please talk to your TACTICA Customer Success Representative about best practices.


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