7. Supplier Practice Auction Process



The Supplier Practice Auction prepares at least one person from the invited supplier company to use TACTICA eSourcing platform.  It also helps verify that suppliers have the proper equipment and connections to participate successfully in the Live auction event.  It is critical that the same trained personnel uses the same equipment for both Practice and Live auction events.

To minimize Buyer time, suppliers must review the Supplier Practice Auction Instruction letter, and help resources / Demo videos.  The vast majority of suppliers are well prepared using this process.  Supplemental one-to-one coaching may be required in a very few instances.



1. The "Supplier Auction Invitation Letterattached to the Live Auction references the planned Supplier Practice Auction.

2. The Buyer imports from the live auction to create the Supplier Practice Auction:

a. Set up the Supplier Practice Auction as “Test.”Change the name to identify it as a Supplier Practice Auction.

b. Change the Item Names so as not to distract Suppliers from the purpose of the Practice Auction.

c. If the live is part of an auction event series, the Supplier Practice Auction should represent the most complex lot of the Live event.

d. Publish, Open, Close, etc times should be adjusted, but should mimic the live event timing.  If possible, the practice event should be scheduled at the same time of day as the live event.  

e. The practice event should be at least a day prior to the live event, but no more than 1 week prior.

g. The Buyer attaches the "Supplier Auction Invitation Letterto the Supplier Practice Auction either as an attachment or the event description.

3. Suppliers should submit Pre-bids (and Surveys if any) after the Practice Auction.  Contact Suppliers who miss the established deadlines.   

4. Log in 20 minutes prior to the Practice Auction.

5. In a Managed Event, TACTICA Professional Service representative monitors the Practice Auction:

a. Contact Suppliers 15 minutes before auction Open, if they have not logged in.

b. Contact the Supplier 10 minutes after auction Open, if they have not placed a bid.

c. Suppliers should test Bid Increments and Extensions.  Caution Suppliers to make realistic bids.  Otherwise, the bid increment policy might prevent testing extensions.

d. If the suppliers do not make realistic bids,

i. pause the event

ii. delete the bid

iii. and then send a message to that supplier

iv. Resume the event

e. Answer questions from Suppliers, and address issues as they arise.

f.  Each supplier should submit at least 3 bids, if they have not, contact them to make sure they understand how to bid successfully.

7. After the auction, send a message to the suppliers thanking them for their participation, and remind them to submit any bidder worksheets or pre-bid documentation as needed.  Also communicate the time and date of the live bidding event.

8. Determine whether any Supplier needs additional training.  If appropriate, the Buyer should contact the Supplier and assess whether they can participate successfully in the Live event.



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