2. How suppliers prepare to auction?

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STEP 1 Preparation before bidding

  • Understand information about the purchased items such as requirements, quantity, delivery, business terms, etc.
  • The template (Auction or Sealed Bid) of the RFX and know how to place bids.
  • Pay attention to the currency, Bid Visibility (Rank and/or Best Bid), Bid Decrement policy and if you can see Total Price.
  • You must pay attention to Initial Bid submission time(Starting Bid), auction start time and automatic time extension setting.
  • Submit Initial Bids 2 - 3 days prior to the Live Bidding RFX event (if required by Buyer). This should allow the Buyers/RFX Owner to check and verify the Initial Bids.

Establish your Pricing Thresholds Before the Auction

     Suppliers should prepare 3 sets of pricing before Auction
  • Prior to the eAuction event establish your pricing thresholds for each part-formalize the lowest price you are willing to bid.
  • Be sure to leverage any information you have on your competitive position. If your customer will tell you, find out how many companies will be participating in the eAuction.
  • Be honest with yourself – better to know beforehand the true lowest price you’ll bid, than to have to question your “absolute lowest price, honest” with only 2 minutes left in the event.

STEP 2 During bidding ...

  • You should login to Tactica 15 minutes prior to RFX Open TIME.
  • If you submit unrealistic bids (i.e. wrong bids),
i ) Call buyer immediately OR

ii ) Send i-Message to buyer telling them you submit wrong bids.

  • If your submissions are rejected, you must read the reason(s) in "Activity log" and amend them.
  • If you cannot place a bid on your own for technical reasons, you can call Buyer to proxy bid for you.
  • Call Tactica Help Desk if you need additional assistance

"Last Second" bid submission is discouraged. Any bids placed at the very last seconds runs the risk of not reaching Tactica server prior to the closing time.

STEP 3 After bidding ...

  • For Reverse Auctions and Forward Auctions, there may be Pending Time. Pending status gives buyer the opportunity to re-open the RFX if technical difficulties are encountered. So you must stay here 5 minutes after bidding. After 5 minutes of Pending Time, the RFX moves into "Closed" status.
  • Submit Post Bid or any final documentations as required by BUYER.
  • Receive AWARD NOTIFICATION from Buyer.

  Why I should participate in Reverse Auction

1.Experience level playing field.Every suppliers are subject to the same evaluation process.The is less subjective factors affecting the award decision.

2.Keep pace with competition. You always have a chance to revise your offered prices after evaluating the competition.

3.Gain valuable market information. Even if you don't get awarded the business, you will gain valuable market/ competition information to help you improve.

4.Participate in more efficient process. Shorten price negotiation process from days or weeks to just hours.

5.Receive more rapid award. 

6.Increase business opportunities otherwise neglected or missed. Bundle together more dollar spends.

7.Smaller suppliers can access to bigger buyers.


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