2. How to use MS Excel to create RFX?

In addition to setting up RFX online, TACTICA has an easier way to create a RFX using Excel - RFXByExcel. As long as you use Excel, you can create a RFX in TACTICA. RFX templates that can be created include Sealed Bid, Reverse Auction, and Forward Auction and SmartBid.

Why use RFXByExcel to create RFX?

If you only need to do one or two bidding projects every year, you should use RFXByExcel to create RFX as you don't need to spend time getting familiar with the platform every time; or if you just need to work on projects for repeated items purchases probably every month with only different quantities, then using RFXByExcel to create a RFX will be a good choice.

How to operate

To create a RFX using RFXByExcel, simply download a RFXByExcel template from the platform, fill in the relevant information and upload it back.  The RFX can then be published.

1. Click “Quick RFXByExcel” on the platform homepage and click “Download Template” in the pop-up dialog box.

2. Fill in the template according to the project requirements. The template includes the necessary information such as the RFX type, description, timeline, item information and the suppliers to be invited.

*As to the bidder, the system will identify whether the bidder has registered in the system. If the bidder has not registered, the system will automatically send the registration email to the bidder's email address.

3. 将完成的模板上载到平台,上载完成后看到的概述页面和在线设置标书看到的页面是一样的,检查确认没有问题后就可以激活标书了。
3. Upload the completed template to the platform. The Overview page you see after uploading will be the same as the one you see if you set up the RFX online. After checking that there is no problem, you can activate the RFX.

Note:  Please keep the   Excel template so that it can be reused next time.


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