3. How to collect attachments from suppliers?

When making an award analysis or award decision, the buyer needs to consider factors other than prices, i.e. non-price factors such as payment terms, product quality, etc. In the TACTICA system, buyers can collect non-price factors related information from suppliers at different stages of the RFX.

Buyers can collect non-price factors related information from suppliers in 5 places: Prerequisites, General Questions, attach Pre-bid document, upload Post-bid document and RFX Messages.


Suppliers must respond to the prerequisites before they can view the contents or submit bids. For example, the buyer can request the supplier to provide the qualification certificate or agree to the confidentiality agreement, etc., in the prerequisites.

General Questions

General questions and prerequisites are similar, but the supplier can choose not to answer the General Question and enter the  Bidding Page.

Attach Pre-bid document before submitting bids

If you need a supplier to submit some necessary documents before bidding, such as a quotation with company seal, you can choose to turn on the "Bidder must attach document before submit bids" function, so the supplier must upload the document before they can bid.

Upload final quotation

As the name implies, the bidder is required to upload the formal quotation with detailed price breakdown after the bidding is closed. This is to confirm the bidding prices.

RFX Messages

The RFX Messages is equivalent to the function of email, and the system will permanently record all the messages sent through the RFX Messages function. Even after the RFX is closed, the buyer can collect additional information from the supplier through the RFX Messages function.


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