8. What is OpenRFX?

Finding the right supplier is a challenge to buyers. Sometimes for a sourcing project, it is not possible to quickly find the right supplier. At this moment, we can use the power of the network to quickly find suppliers. To this end, the TACTICA eSourcing platform provides an OpenRFX function.


The so-called OpenRFX is to not specify which suppliers to participate in the bidding. Instead,  use social networks to share the RFX to the potential suppliers, and let those interested suppliers participate in the RFX. Commonly used sharing methods include email, Weibo, WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

After the RFX is activated, the system generates a link that the buyer can copy and share with potential suppliers in social networking sites .

How to use

For example, buyers can share RFX information to LinkedIn:

When the supplier clicks the link shared by the buyer, they can see the overview page of the RFX.

Note: Suppliers that are not registered can register themselves first and then participate in the bidding. Registered suppliers can log in directly to participate in the bidding.

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