4. How to solve the problems faced by the bidder during the bidding process?

Bids rejected

When the supplier's bid violates the bidding rules, the system will reject the bid. In the activity log of the Control Center, you will see the reason why the bid is rejected. The common reason why the supplier's bid is rejected is that the bid exceeds the highest price set by the buyer. For example, the highest price set by the buyer is $1000. If the supplier inputs $1001, the system will not accept the bid. Another example, in a Reverse Auction, the bid decrement policy is generally set. If the supplier's bid violates the bid decrement policy, the system will also reject the supplier's bid.

Delete bid

In a Reverse Auction, let's say the supplier has entered a wrong bid such as an "0" less and thus the bid needs to be deleted. Only the buyer can delete the bid. When the bid is deleted, the system will remove the supplier's previous round of bid, and all suppliers' rankings will be re-adjusted accordingly.

Disable the bidder

After the RFX has been published, you may discover that the supplier cannot do the project, or the supplier does not cooperate during the bidding. At this moment,  the buyer can refuse the supplier's participation. In the Control Center, move your cursor to the supplier company name and click the “disable” button, the supplier can no longer access the bidding page.

Online chat

During the bidding process, buyers can send instant messages to all or particular suppliers via instant messaging function in the Control Center.

Proxy bidding

When the bidder cannot login the platform for bidding because of Force Majeure, the buyer can help the bidder to bid. On the Control Center page, move your cursor to the name of the bidder who needs help. The Proxy Bid button will appear. Click to enter the bidder's bidding page and input the prices provided by the bidder and submit. In the activity log, you can see the record of the Proxy Bid.


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