6. How to set Max Price and Item Filtering in Reverse Auction?

Max Price

With max price set by the buyer, the bidder’s bid cannot be higher than the price. In general, it is not recommended to set a max price for bidders, as limiting prices may reduce the enthusiasm of bidders. Of course, if the project itself has budget constraints, using the max price is a way to control costs.

For example, if "Liling Test Company 2" is an incumbent supplier, the current purchase price can be set in the RFX as the max price for the supplier. Then the supplier's bid cannot be higher than this current purchase price.


The "filter" function means that the buyer can limit the items in the RFX only to the specific bidders, and the bidder will only be able to bid on the items they can see. In this way, buyer can limit different items to different suppliers in the same RFX, and bidders will not be able to see the items that they are not invited to bid on.

On the Add/Update Item page, click on the “filter” button for each item that needs to be filtered. A window will pop up and you can select the supplier that needs to be filtered. Then the "unchecked" supplier cannot see the item and its related information on the bidding page.


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