9. How to avoid buyers to invite unqualified suppliers to bid?

Because of information mismatch, buyers may invite suppliers who do not meet the company's requirements to participate in the bidding. In order to avoid inviting blacklisted bidders to participate in the bidding, the administrator can set criteria for bidder invitation to filter the bidders.

On the admin page, there is a “Classification” tab where the administrator can set the limitations for bidders invitation. If the bidder category matches any of the limitations, the supplier is not allowed to participate in the RFX.


The administrator sets the bidder to be "Rejected" on the bidder page.
The administrator is generally the supervisor of the purchasing department and is responsible for the procurement project.

When the buyer tries to invite the bidder to participate in the RFX, they will see that the supplier is rejected and cannot be invited to participate the RFX.
Buyer account is used by common purchaser.

Note: The administrator account has the right to add "Rejected" supplier to the RFX.


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