4. How can my supplier learn to bid?

TACTICA understands one of the critical success factors is adoption
.  In order to encourage people to use the system, it has to be very easy to use, with minimum learning efforts. In TACTICA we spent years improving the system, to make it easy for the suppliers to bid. Many visual and interactive materials are created as well.

After supplier login to the system, click the "Training/Practice" menu to access to learning materials.

A. Learn how to submit prices in a reverse auction with a short, repeatable online video (3 minutes) .
B. Suppliers can navigate the system step by step according to their own pace and submit prices in the reverse auction practice. Suppliers can repeat the practice if they want.

Additionally, suppliers can open the RFX invitation email and download tor print he User Guide in pdf format.

最后,如果在操作方面遇到问题,供应商可以在线联系 TACTICA 普瑞客户成功中心。
Finally, if the suppliers have any questions, they can always have an online chat with TACTICA Customer Success Center.


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