3. Where can I get additional help?

Customer Success Center

TACTICA has spent many years improving the system to make it very easy to use in order to achieve the savings that our customers are looking for. We are very focused on your success. TACTICA has established a Customer Success Center (CSC) to work online with all our paid customers.  

CSC provides cost-effective, phone-based access to TACTICA's sourcing experts and proven best practices. 

The team is:

  • Your main point of contact for questions on how to use TACTICA and if you have any questions or are having problems operating the system.
  • If you have questions about TACTICA  functionality or would like to discuss best practices, you can arrange dedicated scheduled time with a CSC team member.
  • The CSC is the point of contact for the administrator and any designated support contact(s).

+86 755 25180252

Online Videos and Interactive Training Materials

If you are new to TACTICA QS, it is worthwhile to spend 10 to 15 minutes go through the videos and interactive online training materials. After you successfully login, click the "New To TS" user guide box on the bottom left-hand corner. 

 Supplier Training & Practice

TACTICA eSourcing Platform can save time for buyers to train suppliers. A “Training and Practice” function has been added to the Suppliers page. You could suggest the suppliers to use “Training and Practice” to familiarize themselves with the operation of the platform before responding to the RFX.



Customer Success Portal

 TACTICA eSourcing Platform
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