Two-envelope approach in eTendering
Source:     Author: Tactica    Publish time: 2022-05-15 15:50    3644 Views

Many enterprises adopt a two-envelope approach in tendering: the technical proposal and the commercial proposal to be evaluated by different teams to ensure a fair evaluation of the proposal. The technical proposal would be evaluated purely on its technical merits and its ability to meet the requirements without being affected by the commercial proposal. Tactica eTendering system has embedded this two-envelope process: – Suppliers submit technical proposals and submit bidding prices using simple bidding page or complex Excel templates. – Bidding prices are not visible to the buyer until the tender is closed and the buyer has to click to unveil them. The system will generate bidding price comparison report for the buyer – Internal end users (Technical viewers) can only read the technical proposals and do the scoring without the right to see the prices. – With user-definable price-to-technical weighting (e.g. 60:40), the system calculates the combined scores of the suppliers and their ranks and generates summary report.