What is Scoring Auction?
Source:     Author: Tactica    Publish time: 2022-04-17 16:51    3060 Views

For indirect procurement, we do not make purchase decision on prices alone. We always consider both the technical score and commercial score of each supplier. But, how do you accommodate that in an reverse auction?
The answer is Scoring Auction. Before the auction begins, you can set price to non-price ratio (e.g. 70:30) and assign technical (i.e. non-price) score for each bidder. The weighted score is calculated based on the formula shown. When the bidding starts, the system will automatically calculate each bidder's weighted score and display their score rank in real time. Suppliers reduce their prices in order to fight for a better rank.
Our customers are using scoring auction a lot in purchasing marketing services, logistics services, machinery, construction and engineering services. For details on those showcases, please visit: