Tips for successful supplier adoption
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For any new system roll-out, user acceptance is always the key. When it comes to eSourcing system, the supplier adoption is critical. Here are some tips that would help you achieve supplier adoption success:

1. Roll-out in phases
Plan the roll-out in phases. You may want to start one of your teams or tier-1 suppliers first to gain some initial success and momentum.

2. Communication
Communication is always the key to success in implementing changes.  Make sure the suppliers fully understand the time line, the objective and the benefits the eSourcing system could bring to the table. Communication is not a one time thing. Consistency and continuity need to be maintained.

3.  Effective support
To achieve a smooth and efficient transition, handholding with the suppliers is crucial. You need to provide various channels to assist suppliers to adopt the system. Helpdesk, email support, interactive self-training demo, periodic webinars and online user-guidelines are the most popular tools that you should consider.

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